Use simple, practical tools and a clear plan.

Heal Your Dysregulated Nervous System and Reverse Burnout, Anxiety and Chronic Symptoms.

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Practice nervous system regulation live, under the guidance of our experienced trauma coaches.

Support your sensitivity by working on your routines, sleep habits, food, etc

Structure for the Sensitive Nervous System

Live Nervous System Regulation Sessions

Community of Nervous System Jedi

Connect with other people who understand exactly what you're going through.  With the support and guidance of  our amazing team. 

Hi there! I'm Linnea

I developed burnout, rosacea, IBS and an endless list of symptoms.

My relationships were suffering, I felt overwhelmed and disconnected....

That’s when I started my own healing journey as someone with a dysregulated nervous system. 

I set out to study the neurobiology of sensitivity and nervous system regulation and applied the EXACT tools to my own healing journey. 

And it worked!
I reversed all of my symptoms and my life completely changed.

This level of holistic healing is truly unlike anything you have ever experienced.

"I find it hard to compare this program to any other on the market. It is simply a uniquely nourishing experience." 

Vanja B Popovic, PhD

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How long will it take to heal my dysregulated nervous system?
It's taken your nervous system years to develop dysregulation, and it will take time to reverse it. How long? Everyone is different so we can't promise how long it will take in your particular case. But with the right support and strategy, you can significantly accelerate the process by years, avoiding the struggle of doing this alone and the risk of failure that comes with it.  With that in mind, here is a rule of thumb we’ve seen with our participants: on average it takes our Members about 1-2 months to get relief, feel calmer, and respond differently to triggers. In 4-6 months these results become more anchored and long-lasting, as new neural pathways emerge. 8-12 months is a good time to resolve deeper issues like trauma, attachment, chronic health conditions, and build a solid nervous system foundation. That’s why we offer an affordable yearly option that saves you 2 months (110$): it’s an investment in your nervous system health that pays off exponentially.


Frequently Asked Questions




Does this work for:
- Anxiety & panic attacks
- Burnout
- Insomnia
- ME/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
- Fibromyalgia
- IBS/Chronic GI Issues
- Rosacea
- Extreme Sensitivities to -    sound/light
- Telogen Effluvium (hair loss);
- Chronic pain
- Post Viral Syndromes
- Long COVID
- Autoimmune Conditions;
- Multiple Food or Chemical  Sensitivities
- Chronic mind-body conditions
Yes! This program is designed to help people who suffer from a variety of emotional and physical conditions.
The reason why this kind of work has a ripple effect on a variety of body-brain conditions is because the nervous system determines how the rest of the body works, including how you feel emotionally and how you perceive pain. Healing a dysregulated nervous system will improve or reverse all of these conditions. You will learn how to identify and change the fear response that triggers your emotional symptoms as well as body-based techniques to address pain and fatigue.
Moreover, you will learn about different aspects of your nervous system through our self-assessments, which will help you gain a deep understanding of what is going on and allow you to tweak the processes to match your unique needs.
Kailea Crommett
This truly is changing my life!
Since implementing the practices daily, I feel calmer overall, and better able to handle hard situations.
Barbara Lawrence
I'm very grateful for this program. I'm less than two months in and I immediately began reaping benefits from learning about nervous system dysregulation and being a highly sensitive person.
Take a Sneak Peek into the Training Series:

Most people take years of trial and error, with things like meditation and anxiety meds, without ever getting control of their hypervigilance and reactivity to triggers. 

Some have to quit their job to dedicate themselves fully to healing.

But there's another way.

  • You're in a chronic state of hyperarousal and overwhelm

  • You have high levels of anxiety and insomnia

  • You feel close to a full burnout and exhausted
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Keep the momentum going with our support system

Edel Urstad

I noticed some clearcut changes, improvements and results appeared very quickly. I feel more joy, a lot more ease, and my energy levels are increasing. I feel more in control overall, and more easy-going when things are out of control and messy.

And the results speak for themselves

Starting with week one, you receive:

  • The Nervous System Growth Path

  • Break down your Emotional, Symptoms and Burnout Profile

  • From Balance to Flexibility

  • Fear and Trauma in the Sensitive Nervous System

  • Build Your Nervous System Map

  • Understand Your Current Coping Strategies

  • Body-Based Regulation

  • Build New Coping Strategies

  • Befriend Your Parts

  • Turn off Rumination & Worries

Since 2010. I’ve been working to empower people with effective tools to take care of their health.
But I was so focused on getting the job done that I lost sight of MY OWN health. 

Video Trainings
Short, clear videos explain why your nervous system is out of whack and how to reset it. This isn't just any other program. . . this is a game-changing, immersive learning experience.

Portals To Reset Your Nervous System
Stop panic attacks, calm your body and brain with specific body-based techniques. Portals are the closest thing you can have to a reset button.

Personal Profiles

Understand and track your baseline. Tailor the program to your individual needs.

Casey Castleberry
 I havent had a panic attack in 2 months and am learning to regulate, track, and become flexible in my nervous system.

I had shock trauma in January, and also accumulation of burnout and chronic stress. During that time I wasn’t sleeping at all and I wasn’t able to work or care for my children properly. My sleep has slowly come back and I’m able to function normally. I feel more connection to others, which I have not felt most of this year. I am grateful for the program and all the support.

I decided to do everything I could to make this solution available to as many people as possible. 

Heal Your Nervous SystemTM  was born. 



What is the time commitment?
This experience is designed for you, no matter how hectic your schedule is. To get the most out of this program, we recommend you find one hour per week to follow our step-by-step plan. You can do it at your own pace, even if you only have ten minutes at a time. And if you fall behind, no problem! Our support system is designed to quickly get you back on track and gain momentum again.  It's important to keep practicing what you learn. You won't need to "sit and meditate" for this program, but you will need to apply what you're learning to your everyday routine. For the best and fastest results, take small steps throughout the day.



When are the live sessions?

Live sessions with Dr. Linnea and the trauma coaches team are held at different times to give everyone a chance to attend. Once you join, you get a calendar to add to your Google/iCal and you’re always up to date with the sessions. We also provide recordings so you never miss anything.
When will the program start? Does everybody start at the same stage and go at the same pace together?
Doors will open on the 5th of October, 2023.
 This group will start at the same time so you can build connections with other people who are going through the same experiences, as well as with previous members who have already been there.





What methods do you use inside The Nervous System Solution? Is it like meditation/ NLP/CBT etc?

Just to be clear, the tools and practices mentioned below are NOT what I'll be teaching inside the Nervous System Solution (but you CAN use them in synergy with the program): Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, NLP, EFT, EMDR, Meditation, Reiki, Yoga & Pilates, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy or counseling, Use of medication. Instead, we draw on neuroscience, social psychology, attachment research, trauma therapy and the most recent advances in the science of mind-body connection; stress response, nervous system regulation, brain training techniques, gut microbiome, nutrition, and neuroimmunology, as well as my personal 14 years practicing and studying Buddhism and Eastern philosophy. In addition, our trauma coaches use somatic experiencing, havening technique and a wide range of somatic practices.
Can I do this program if I'm already doing EMDR / EFT / Somatic therapy / Talk therapy / CBT / Counseling etc?
Yes! This program is designed to work in synergy with 1-1 therapy or as a a stand-alone healing journey. If you're doing any form of therapy, coaching or counseling, the tools included in the program will help you get a deeper understanding of the work you're doing, as well as empowering you with additional tools you can use on your own to improve and maintain your results.
Mel Hopper
I now know what it feels like to be relaxed.  I feel confident that I can deal with things and I can move my nervous system into a state of calm so I can feel more in control and happy.

Preview 6 Portals to Reset Your Nervous System:

Personal Profiles

  • Sensitivity Profile

  • Emotional Profile

  • Symptoms Checker

  • Burnout Profile

  • Coping Strategies Profile

  • Attachment Profile

  • Perfectionism Profile

  • Interception & Body Awareness Profile
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  • Getting started with Portals

  • Neck and Shoulder Portals

  • Power Sensations Portals

  • The Breath Portals

  • The Facial Muscles Portals

  • The Voice Portal

  • And more!

Hands-On Regulation Sessions
In these live sessions, you get to practice nervous system regulation in a safe environment under the guidance of our experienced trauma coaches

Structure for The Sensitive Nervous System

Implement simple strategies to support your sensitivity in each area of your life: sleep, habits, nutrition and more.

Exclusive Support Group

Our community is the best darn community around! Join hundreds of people (just like you) who are making HUGE steps in their healing journey. Regardless of where you are in your life, you'11 find amazing people to connect, learn, and grow with.

I Will Be Here To Support You All the Way

The Nervous System Solution™ is a program that will help you to create far more leverage in your healing journey and in your life. So if you want to transform your sensitive nervous system into an asset rather than a liability, then I invite you to say "yes". Yes to more nourishment. Yes to regulation. Yes to a greater impact for your gift of sensitivity. I look forward to being your guide along the way. Click the button below and register now. I'll see you inside the program.



Wil I get a diagnosis or a treatment for my symptoms?

No. This program does not provide medical advice and is not a substitute for medical treatment or psycotherapy. If you experience symptoms it is essential that you are evaluated by a trained medical professional and they have excluded (or treated) any underlying health conditions.



Is there a guarantee?

There is! If you choose the yearly option, you have a 7 day money-back guarantee. If you choose the monthly option, we don’t offer refunds but you can cancel your subscription anytime.
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If you have a Sensitive Nervous System, you are more prone to burnout, anxiety and chronic symptoms.


The Nervous System SolutionTM

Build a regulated Nervous System and start feeling calm and in control.


I couldn't believe that my neck and shoulders (where I carry a lot of tension) could losen up SO MUCH without moving much at all
Michelle Bean

I've been doing the Portals exercises daily. I have moved from feeling tense and mildly anxious most of my day, into a state of feeling calm and strong

Kailea Crommett

I love the personal profiles and the awareness I am gaining by doing them. I have seen this benefitting in my day to day life already.
Ana Cristina

The group is very active and being with people on the same journey as you is priceless. I have found a safe place to share my feelings and learn about my condition
Vanja B Popovic, PhD

NSS is a different way to nourish the mind, body, and soul, unlike any other program that I have taken so far. Theoretical information is so carefully curated and delivered in a beautiful and elegant way to provide safety, context, and grounding. Practical tools are easy to implement in every-day flow, regardless of how much time I have in a day.
Morgan Hinchey

Since starting the program, I’ve learned how to call my system down after stressful situations. I also have noticed that I am carrying less overall tension in my body on a daily basis. Would highly recommend!

As someone who has struggled to find any practices that soothe me, I’ve found techniques on this course that do just that. I feel that I’m beginning to finally make progress. If you have any level of nervous system dysregulation, I cannot recommend this course enough.
Michelle Bean

The Nervous System Solution has been life changing for me. I burnt out several times which lead to a chronic illness.
I highly recommend this program to anyone considering it. If you follow the program and stick to the exercises, you will experience the positive benefits it creates.

Daniella Escobar

Since being in the Nervous System Solution, I no longer see my high sensitivity as a liability; but a strength. I’ve been using the regulation portals slowly so that I don’t get overwhelmed, and everytime I use them I feel calmer. Thank you for creating this space to learn so much about myself.
  • Understand Your Attachment Profile and Needs

  • Repair Your Attachment Wounds

  • Switch from Anxiety to Intuition

  • Conquer Burnout

  • Breakdown and Ease your Perfectionism

  • Integrate the Brain and Body

  • Move from Empathy to Compassion

  • Build Permeable Boundaries

  • Foster Secure Connections

  • Reframe Stress

  • Boost Focus and Attention

  • Use Strengths to Expand Capacity


How is this program different from others?
The purpose of this program is to give you a complete SOLUTION, not just a temporary fix or symptom-management, for nervous system dysregulation. Here’s how it’s different:
#1 We are laser focused on supporting people with a hypersensitive nervous system. This can be a genetic sensitivity (sensory processing sensitivity) and/or acquired sensitivity due to trauma, chronic stress, chronic conditions etc.

#2 It provides an integrative approach that combines evidence-based science with body-brain therapies like somatic healing and touch-therapy. It isn’t simply another brain-retraining program or a collection of “calming techniques
#3 It is the ONLY program that provides ongoing, long-term support with experienced trauma coaches, monthly debriefing/coaching calls with Dr. Linnea, and a safe community. We don’t support you for just a few weeks, we are there with you through the ups and downs of a REAL healing journey.
#4 We use assessments that have been developed and tested in research settings to show you where your nervous system is currently at and how it changes over time. Just like having a GPS on your phone, SEEING where you are and where you are headed makes it easier to stay on track.


Will I have access to all videos immediately, or will they be released gradually?
Just like someone who’s advancing from white belt to black belt in martial arts, nervous system regulation requires you to hone down on certain skills before you can move on and master the next level. That’s why we deliver the program following a specific sequence and not all at once: to give you time to absorb what you learn, and to implement it in your daily life.







How much new content do I get each week?
We release between 1-5 videos each week. You also have access to practical tools you can use anytime, regardless of whether that week’s videos have been released yet.
However, this experience is about healing a dysregulated nervous system: the amount of content isn’t really a measure of the “value” you get.
Our goal is for you to achieve regulation with the least possible investment of your time and effort, NOT to throw a bunch of videos at you, which would only overwhelm you. It would also keep you in the loop of trying to heal dysregulation from a cognitive perspective, instead of actually doing the work. This journey is not about getting new shiny videos each week (although, admittedly, we enjoy creating and delivering amazing content). It’s about getting a REAL opportunity to heal, instead of just reading or watching videos about it. It’s the opportunity to do so in connection with - and under the guidance of - experienced mentors and trauma coaches.

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